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High-Speed GPS Updates for Hero4

Are you fast and need to prove it?!  Capture the speed on video with our GPS Expansion for Hero4.

EB33 GPS Expander Board for GoPro Hero4 cameras equipped with the SP30 Alti-Force Sensor Pack

The EB33 GPS Expander Board enhances the capabilities of our Alti-Force Sensor Pack and gives you high-speed GPS with your GoPro videos recorded on Hero4 cameras.  The GPS data allows you to display Speed and Distance on your videos, much like our Free Alti-Force GPS mobile app, but much faster, with more options, and without the need to use WiFi.  We’ve also added Glide and Vertical Speed for the airborne athletes.

Also included is a vibrator motor for Haptic Feedback mimicking Alti-Force status LED flashes … now know your Alti-Force status with sight AND feeling!

GPS is captured with the SkyTraQ Venus838 chipset and an amplified external antenna.  The external antenna allows you to put the camera anywhere and keep the antenna’s open sky view for reception of quality GPS signal, and Fast!  With position updates coming in every ~0.04 seconds, you are sure to capture even the quickest run in detail.  Use the data to display on-screen subtitles, overlay it as visual gauges with DashWare, or open in Maps to view the path traveled.

We offer the EB33 GPS Expansion Board in two ways:
Current owners of the Alti-Force SP30 can order a retro-fit kit of parts, partially or mostly assembled.
If you are new to Alti-Force and also need the SP30 Sensor Pack, we offer a fully assembled SP30 + EB33  package.

Get in touch with us today and Expand your camera’s capabilities!

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