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Compatibility with Hero4 v4.00

Alti-Force installer is now compatible with Hero4 software v4.00

After a couple weeks of trials on our end (and nothing but good results), we have unleashed a new installer for you.  The AFSPinstaller v2.21 is available for download on our Support Page.

The major change in version 2.21 is for compatibility with the Hero4 update, but we also embedded a minor provision for SP30 Expander circuits (such as the Haptic Feedback board).  As always, send us a message if you encounter any trouble.

Should I update my Hero3+ or Hero3 camera?

No need (assuming you are on v2.11).  The software in those cameras has not changed, so there is no need to download Alti-Force installer v2.21.   We’ll make another post if that changes.

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