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Software Installer

Now supporting QuikCapture on Hero4 cameras!
Add GPS Speed and Distance with AltiForce GPS mobile app for the Hero4, or
Glide and Speed vectors while capturing at 25Hz with AltiForce GPS EB33 (supported with v3.00+).

Software Download:

Newest installer program: H3/H3+/H4 Installer-v3.00b

After downloading this ZIP file, extract the “AFSPinstaller-v###.jar” file to the main (root) directory of the camera’s memory card (an external card reader may be necessary). Run (double-click) the file on the memory card and follow the on-screen directions.

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The installer requires Java™ to run on your computer.  The latest version is available for free at
The installer will require internet access to download the camera manufacturer’s software, unless the correct “” file is already saved on the memory card (we recommend you keep a copy for your camera to use again later).

The end-user license agreement for our software installer is available here in .pdf format.

Change Log: Installer Versions

Updates in v3.00b: (15 Mar. 2017)

  • Support for EB33 GPS Expander Boards: adds subtitles for Glide, Speed as horizontal and/or vertical
  • New Settings App: including Haptics and GPS options
  • CSV data file to include GPS timestamps (Wi-Fi & Expander Board EB33)

Updates in v2.30b: (15 Nov. 2016)

  • Compatibility with Hero4 camera software v5.00

Updates in v2.21b: (12 Sept. 2016)

  • Compatibility with Hero4 camera software v4.00
  • SP30 Expander board integration

Updates in v2.11b: (6 July 2016)

  • Added Hero4 support for QuikCapture mode (also corrects recording too soon after power-up)
  • Improved Hero4 memory card access protocol
  • Minor CSV data file format change for use with DashWare functions
  • Fix bug in feet to meter conversion

Updates in v2.05: (29 Feb. 2016)

  • Compatibility with Alti-Force Sensor Pack model SP30
  • Added an accelerometer offset tool to reset sensor zero points

Updates in v2.00: (13 Nov. 2015)
Major Upgrade with release of Alti-Force GPS mobile app adding Speed, Distance, and Heading to subtitles and option to save GPS track for mapping!

  • Upgraded features for pairing with Alti-Force GPS mobile app (compatible only with Hero4 Black & Silver)
  • Added settings for mobile app data and subtitles including speed, distance, & heading
  • Added settings for smoothing of Altitude and Acceleration subtitles
  • Added advanced setting to display inputs from ID1 & ID2
  • Upgraded features of Settings App (settings.jar)
  • Added entries to CSV data file: Date/Time, GPS, Ground offset, Serial Number

Updates in v1.53:  (7 Sept. 2015)

  • Compatibility with Hero3+ Black camera software v3.03
  • Compatibility with Hero3+ Silver camera software v3.02

Updates in v1.52: (24 Aug. 2015)

  • Compatibility with Hero4 Black & Silver camera software v03.00

Updates in v1.50: (6 July 2015)

  • Improved and/or increased sampling rate (approx. 25Hz for H4, 4-5 Hz for H3+)
  • Added advanced setting to limit subtitle display rate used in generating SRT file
  • Added advanced setting to display G-force subtitle as 1 or 2 decimal places
  • Improved data synchronization to start of video recording (H4 only)
  • General code optimization to reduce processing overhead
  • Fix error handling for memory card access
  • Fix bug in Video+Photo mode and/or long recordings spanning multiple folders

v1.00: (20 Mar. 2015)

  • Initial release

Settings App

The file named “Settings.jar” was saved on the memory card in the main (root) directory when the camera software was installed.  If you deleted it, or formatted your card, you can download another copy here:

Settings Application: v3.00+

Settings Application: v2.00-2.30b

After downloading this ZIP file, extract the Settings.jar file to the camera’s memory card (root directory).  Run the application on the card to change subtitle display settings.

Software Uninstaller

The camera will continue to function normally with the Alti-Force Sensor Pack unattached, so an uninstall of our software is not normally necessary; however, for the GoPro® Hero3 Black and Hero3+ Black, an uninstall is required before updating the camera firmware.

Download the uninstaller program here: (H3/H3+ Black Uninstaller)

After downloading this ZIP file, extract the file(s) to the camera’s memory card (root directory).  Power on the camera and wait for it to reboot.  That’s all!

If you choose to uninstall the software from the GoPro Hero3+ Silver, or Hero4 Black or Silver, perform the manufacturer’s standard software update with the latest version.
Here are the GoPro website links for your convenience: (H3+ Silver) (H4 Black or Silver)

DashWare Items

We’ve created a DashWare data profile and some gauges to use with Alti-Force CSV data files.  You are free to use the files as is, or make modifications to suit your needs.  Please keep in mind that we cannot provide support for DashWare or other video editing and have supplied these files simply for your editing pleasure.

After downloading the Alti-Force DashWare ZIP file, extract and merge the folders/files into your DashWare subfolders. They will then be selectable from within the DashWare program.  Enjoy!

Camera Recovery

We wanted to add this information to our support page just in case a software update, or other mishap, turned your camera into a paperweight, a.k.a. “a brick”.

If you have yourself a bricked Hero4 camera, have a read here: How to reflash firmware onto a bricked Hero4 camera over USB

Sensor Pack Information

Operation Guide PDF for the Alti-Force Sensor Pack (including Alti-Force GPS mobile app and hardware GPS expander settings).

Quick Facts PDF page about the Alti-Force Sensor Pack.

Example of CSV data file here (or screen capture here)

Example of GPS tracks GPX file here.

Example of a subtitle settings file here.

Pressure sensor (datasheet by MFG): BMP180

Accelerometer (datasheet by MFG): ADXL375

GoPro Expander Boards

Design your own using our guideline SP30 Expander Circuit Board dimensions

Installation Notes for the GPS Expander Board Kit

Air-Vent Installation

Water-resistant Air Vent installation instructions here.