SP30 Packages

$224.90 $204.45

Upgrade your GoPro® video camera to record 3D action with video!

  • The Alti-Force Sensor Pack attaches directly to your GoPro camera for recording altitude/elevation and acceleration G-forces.
  • The Alti-Force GPS mobile app is also available to complement the sensor pack and add GPS speed, distance, and heading (bearing) to the recording.

No post-processing required, record then play.

  • The chosen data are automatically saved in a subtitle track for display during video playback (raw data and GPS tracks can also be saved for analysis or map overlay).
  • Subtitle tracks can be enabled/disabled in a compatible player’s settings.
  • The video remains unmodified in its full quality form; subtitles and data are saved in separate files.
    (Note: video editing may require additional steps to retain subtitles)
Expand the capability of your GoPro camera with GPS and the Alti-Force Sensor Pack
  • Expander circuit board for model SP30
  • Connects to 30-pin Hero bus extension port on SP30 (via 0.5mm pitch FFC flat-flex cable)
  • Custom applications: design your own board (board size)
Haptic Feedback expander board EB21
  • Vibrator motor control: duplicates Alti-Force status LED indications
  • Voltage regulator: 3.3 volt output @ 300 mA maximum
  • Hero bus breakout connections
    • ID1 & ID2 (optional display in subtitles, advanced setting)
    • 16 is defaulted as regulator enable, 3 is used for motor control
GPS Expander board EB33
  • GPS updates as fast as 50 times per second with the Sky TraQ Venus838 chipset
    • Data rate employed with SP30 on Hero4 is ~25 Hz
  • Standard SMA connector for attaching external antenna (not included)
    • Antenna should be located no closer than 2 inches (50 cm) from camera (farther is better: Hero4 cameras are known to interfere with L1 band of GPS signal)
  • Haptics vibrator motor duplicates Alti-Force status LED indications
  • Voltage regulator: 3.3 volt output @ 300 mA maximum
  • Hero bus breakout connections (a select few)
    • ID1 & ID2 (optional display in subtitles, advanced setting)
    • Hero bus pins: 4,5,6,7,8,12,16,17,28-SDA,29-SCL
    • 16 is defaulted as regulator enable, 4 is used as Rx, 17 as Tx




Model SP30 Packages with Expander Boards

All the SP30 Features plus more

  • Subtitled video playback for your GoPro camera¹
  • Altitude subtitles selectable as feet or meters
  • Acceleration G-force subtitles selectable as X-Y-Z axes or total magnitude
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver (SP30 only: Hero3+ Black and Silver, or Hero3 Black)
  • Fits in GoPro housings with skeleton accessory backdoor² (available separately)
  • Speed, distance, and heading subtitles (with mobile app³ or EB33 expander board)

Great for athletes and hobbyists!

  • Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Speed Flying, Paragliding
  • Downhill Mountain Biking, Trail Riding, Motocross
  • Aviation, Aerobatic Flights, Model Airplanes, UAVs
  • Auto Racing, Drag Racing, Rallying, Kart Racing
  • Snowboarding, Snow Skiing, Terrain Park
  • Hiking, Climbing, Rappelling
  • And many more!

¹ Requires a camera software update and compatible player

² The EB33 requires an open back for GPS antenna connector and altitude feature requires an open air vent. We recommend using a skeleton backdoor or a Frame mount.

³ Requires Hero4 camera receiving GPS data over Wi-Fi from Alti-Force GPS mobile app.

SP30 Full details can be viewed here

EB21 Full details page

EB33 Full details page

Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 2.32 x 1.61 x 0.40 in
Camera Compatibility

EB packages work with SP30 and Hero4 only

GoPro Hero4 Silver- YES – firmware v05.00
GoPro Hero4 Black- YES – firmware v05.00

All efforts will be made to maintain compatibility with future firmware versions but cannot be guaranteed

Camera Modes

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack records data/subtitles in Video Mode only.
All standard video resolutions and frame rates are supported.
The Alti-Force Sensor Pack does not support Time Lapse and Looping video modes, and is disabled in all photo modes.

Player Compatibility

Any that support .SRT subtitle files:
-Includes most TVs and VLC media player (for all OS platforms).
-Video must be played via USB mode or memory card reader.
-If copied off camera, video .MP4 and subtitle .SRT files must be in same location.

Note: Windows® Media Player and QuickTime do not natively support .SRT subtitles

Subtitle Options

Altitude: Feet, Meters, Both, None
Acceleration: XYZ axes, Total magnitude, All, None
G-bar: On, Off
Temperature: °F, °C, None
— GPS options —
Speed: mph, km/h, None
Distance: miles, kilometers, None
Heading: degrees, None
GPS track GPX file: On, Off
— additional options —
Altitude offset: Feet only
Altitude smoothing: Low, Medium, High, None
Acceleration smoothing: Low, Medium, High, None
Data CSV file: On, Off


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