Alti-Force SP22

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Upgrade your GoPro® camera with this original Alti-Force Sensor Pack model SP22

  • The Alti-Force Sensor Pack attaches directly to your GoPro camera for recording altitude/elevation and acceleration G-forces.
  • The Alti-Force GPS mobile app is also available to complement the sensor pack and add GPS speed, distance, and heading (bearing) to the recording.

No post-processing required, record then play.

  • The chosen data are automatically saved in a subtitle track for display during video playback (raw data and GPS tracks can also be saved for analysis or map overlay).
  • Subtitle tracks can be enabled/disabled in a compatible player’s settings.
  • The video remains unmodified in its full quality form; subtitles and data are saved in separate files.
    (Note: video editing may require additional steps to retain subtitles)

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  • Subtitled video playback for your GoPro camera¹
  • Altitude subtitles selectable as feet or meters
  • Acceleration G-force subtitles selectable as X-Y-Z axes or total magnitude
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver, Hero3+ Black and Silver, or Hero3 Black
  • Fits in GoPro cases with BacPac™ accessory backdoor² (available separately)
  • NEW!! Speed, distance, and direction subtitles (with mobile app and Hero4 only)³

Great for athletes and hobbyists!

  • Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Speed Flying, Paragliding
  • Downhill Mountain Biking, Trail Riding, Motocross
  • Flying Airplanes, Aerobatic Flights, Model Airplanes, UAVs
  • Auto Racing, Drag Racing, Rallying, Kart Racing
  • Snowboarding, Snow Skiing, Terrain Park
  • Hiking, Climbing, Rappelling
  • And many more!

¹ Requires a camera software update

² Altitude feature requires an open air vent. We recommend using our modified vented backdoor or a skeleton backdoor

³ Requires GPS data from Alti-Force GPS mobile app paired with Wi-Fi to Hero4 camera

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Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 2.36 x 1.38 x 0.40 in
Camera Compatibility

GoPro® Hero3 Black – YES – firmware v03.00
GoPro® Hero3+ Silver – YES – firmware v03.02
GoPro® Hero3+ Black – YES – firmware v02.00, v03.00*, v03.03*
GoPro® Hero4 Silver- YES – firmware v05.00
GoPro® Hero4 Black- YES – firmware v05.00

All efforts will be made to maintain compatibility with future firmware versions but cannot be guaranteed
*version disables USB mass storage mode, use of memory card reader is required

Camera Modes

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack records data/subtitles in Video Mode only.
All standard video resolutions and frame rates are supported.
The Alti-Force Sensor Pack does not support Time Lapse and Looping video modes, and is disabled in all photo modes.

Player Compatibility

Any that support .SRT subtitle files (check your player's specifications)

Includes most TVs and VLC media player (for all OS platforms)
Video must be played via USB mode or memory card reader
If copied off camera, video .MP4 and subtitle .SRT files must be copied together to same location

Note: QuickTime and Windows® Media Player do not natively support .SRT subtitles.

Subtitle Options

Altitude: Feet, Meters, Both, None
Acceleration: XYZ axes, Total magnitude, All, None
G-bar: On, Off
Temperature: °F, °C, None

— GPS options (Hero4 only) —
Speed: MPH, Km/h, None
Distance: Miles, Kilometers, None
Heading: Degrees, None
GPS track GPX file: On, Off

— additional options —
Altitude offset: Feet only
Altitude smoothing: Low, Medium, High, None
Acceleration smoothing: Low, Medium, High, None
Data CSV file: On, Off

2 reviews for Alti-Force SP22

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marian Drabosenik

    great Tool to train Students in Skydiving , a MUST HAVE for Instructors !

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brandon M (verified owner)

    Have been using this at my work for the last 3-4 weeks skydiving. Altitude is very spot on, even in burble scenarios like initial exit, certain tracking positions, and docking on a student it’s very accurate and catches up within a sec or two. I have put this in an altimeter test chamber and recorded the footage while in the chamber with my Neptune and Galaxy and it was spot on with both of them the entire ascent and descent regardless of speed.

    Since it saves data as a .SRT file, the subtitles only show up on your laptop with VLC, KM, Windows Media (with plugin, link on this site) or direct to a TV, will not show up on the GoPro App or the LCD backpack/screen but an easy fix for me was to use an micro SD card reader and plug straight into my phone which made the video quality better anyways and takes a second. The DZ offset feature is awesome, as well as the temp and g force readouts, wouldn’t mind seeing a MPH readout also.

    Overall, very neat and awesome product for $70 if you ask me. Gives a form of altitude awareness while watching the video footage without having to pause right when an altimeter shows up in frame to verify altitude. Whether jumping with a student or a group this is an indispensable tool, especially for $70.

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