Vented Accessory Backdoor




The Vented Accessory Backdoor is a deeper backdoor than the original flat backdoor .  It is compatible with the Alti-Force Sensor Pack and fits GoPro® standard housings shipped with Hero3+ and Hero4 cameras (does not fit the larger Hero3 case).  The Vented Accessory Backdoor is a standard GoPro backdoor that has been modified by replacing the button with a Water-resistant Air Vent.

The Water-resistant Air Vent is used for air pressure equalization of a GoPro waterproof camera case.  The vent uses advanced technology to allow air to pass through while blocking water penetration to a depth of 1 meter (~3 feet).

Benefits of the Vented Accessory Backdoor:

  • Pressure equalization to prevent that hard-to-open case after altitude or temperature changes seal it shut.
  • Compatiblity with the Alti-Force Sensor Pack‘s altitude feature.
  • Pressure/altitude measurement smoothing in turbulent air.

Add one of these to your Alti-Force order for quick assembly.

Also available: Water-resistant Air Vent with instructions to modify your own case.


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