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Hero4 Software v4.00 – Wait?

GoPro has released a software update for the Hero4 camera.  Should you update?  We say, not yet!

If you are a GoPro App user, you may find your cameras being automatically updated, which will disable use of the Alti-Force Sensor Pack.  To revert back to GoPro Hero4 v3.00 with our Alti-Force software, you will need to download and run our AFSPinstaller v2.11b on the memory card.  Go to our Support Page to download the installer.

When will Alti-Force be compatible with v4.00?

We are working on a new installer that is compatible with the latest official software.  We will release it as soon as we can, but be patient, it could take us a few weeks to test it out.  Stay tuned!

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