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Using Alti-Force with DashWare Gauges on GoPro Videos

The recurring dream we at Alti-Force had years ago was the ability to record video on a GoPro® camera then immediately watch it on a TV with the 3D action shown on screen as video subtitles.  We turned that dream into a reality in 2015 with the release of the Alti-Force GPS mobile app and the Alti-Force Sensor Pack that works with GoPro cameras, and we have since been providing you with instant access to Pressure, Altitude/Elevation, Temperature, X-Y-Z Acceleration G-Force, GPS, Speed, Distance Traveled,  Heading/Bearing, Digital switch inputs, and plenty of custom capability with the Expander circuit board in the newest model SP30!  Thank you for your support as we adapt and carry on.

Speaking of adapting, we want to let you know about DashWare, the editing software for video that accepts data from the Alti-Force Sensor Pack and Alti-Force GPS mobile app to display animated gauges on your video.  Sure, this is not as simple as the Alti-Force way of “Record then Play”, but DashWare can help you take full advantage of all the data files that Alti-Force saves on your GoPro memory card.  To help you get started, we have created an Alti-Force data profile that can be added to your DashWare program to sift through our CSV file.  If you are also using the Alti-Force GPS mobile app, the saved GPX file can also be opened in DashWare with the included GPX data profile, just be sure to select 1 Hz when adding the file to your project (one GPS update per second is common for most mobile devices using the Alti-Force GPS app).  Plenty of gauges are ready for your use through DashWare, or you can even create your own.  Upgrade your GoPro camera into a DashWare data recorder with the Alti-Force Sensor Pack today!


Example: Alti-Force with DashWare on GoPro

Alti-Force Sensor Pack data imported into DashWare altimeter

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