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Hero5 data overlay also on Hero4

Data overlays for GoPro video

GoPro has finally joined the Alti-Force movement and now offers data overlays on video to include GPS path, speed, altitude, and g-force (see their website for details).  That’s great news for owners of their latest Hero5 Black camera with built-in sensors and GPS receiver, but what can be done for the millions of customers with earlier camera models?!  The answer lies with Alti-Force.

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack and Alti-Force GPS app offers matching data for the Hero4 camera models, as well as action data for Hero3+ models and Hero3 Black.  With Alti-Force onboard, video data is available as subtitles for immediate playback without editing.  If you want to see an actual speedometer or altimeter on your video, Alti-Force data can be imported for editing in GoPro’s DashWare software.  We’ve have a starter package for DashWare available for download, read more about it here.

Get the most out of your current GoPro camera

Unlock the potential of your current camera with our Alti-Force Sensor Pack and record all the action with micro sensor technology.  Alti-Force also offers GPS for Hero4 cameras in two ways … over Wi-Fi with our free mobile app, Alti-Force GPS, or with a wired antenna and EB33 expander board upgrade to our sensor pack, model SP30.  Alti-Force is not only for sports, but also for scientific data gathering … Let us help you with your custom application.  Contact us to get started!

Alti-Force GPS mobile app adds GPS Speed an Distance to Alti-Force Sensor Pack data recorder upgraded GoPro Hero4 cameras

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