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Zeroing Altitude G-Force on GoPro Camera

We uploaded a How-To video guide to our YouTube channel for on camera zeroing of altitude and setting accelerometer offsets for the Alti-Force Sensor Pack.

In the video we show you step by step how to set the altitude ground offset from the camera.  Doing this will prompt the sensor pack to sample the pressure altitude at that moment.  The altitude is saved and later used to offset the altitude subtitles displayed during video playback.  For best results, zeroing the altitude ‘ground offset’ should be done as soon as reasonable before the video recording.

We also show you how to adjust the accelerometer axis offsets from the camera.  Each accelerometer comes from the factory with small variations, within noted specifications, yet some users may desire to run this ‘field calibration’ to minimize the zero-point offset.  By performing this operation, the sensor pack will be expecting and set offsets to zero G-force in both X and Y axes, and one G-force in the Z axis.  Placing the camera upright on a flat and level surface will achieve the expected G-forces in each axis.  The offset values are stored in permanent memory, so the procedure need only be performed once under normal conditions.


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