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QuikCapture on Hero4

By popular demand, Alti-Force now supports QuikCapture mode on the Hero4 camera!

QuikCapture is the Hero4 video mode previously called One-Button on other camera models.  QuikCapture lets you keep the camera powered off, and with a touch of the record button, the camera powers on and starts recording.  Another press of the record button stops recording and powers the camera off.

Update your Hero4 camera with the latest v2.11 installer to take advantage of QuikCapture.  This software version also syncs data when a video recording is started before Alti-Force indicates ready on a normal power-up.

Changes for Installer v2.11:GoPro Hero4 camera updated with the latest Alti-Force software supporting QuikCapture

  • Added Hero4 support for QuikCapture mode
  • Improved Hero4 memory card access protocol
  • Minor change in CSV data file format for use with DashWare functions
  • Fix bug in feet to meters altitude conversion

Visit our Support page to download the latest version.


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