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Hero4 Update to v5.00

Alti-Force installer is now compatible with Hero4 software v5.00

We’re keeping up with the times (and updates).  The GoPro app and studio software has undoubtedly been urging you to update your Hero4 camera to the latest v5.00.  The time has come when you can update all your software and use Alti-Force, too!  We now have a compatible AFSP Installer (v2.30) available for download on our Support Page.

The only change in version 2.30 is for compatibility with the latest Hero4 software.  As always, send us a message if you encounter any trouble.

Should I update my Hero3+ or Hero3 camera?

No need (assuming you are using our installer v2.11 or newer).  The software in those cameras has not changed, so there is no need to download Alti-Force installer v2.30.

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