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Alti-Force Altimeter for DashWare

Do You DashWare?

What is DashWare? It’s the editing software, acquired early this year by GoPro, for video that accepts data from the Alti-Force Sensor Pack and Alti-Force GPS mobile app to display animated gauges on your video.   We’ve made a few updates to the Alti-Force data profile to include smoothing by time-averaging the raw measurements.  The smoothing setting is still there for subtitles, and now you can do the same in DashWare.  Better yet, the latest download includes the Alti-Force altimeter also with a vertical speed indicator.  You can even make your own … no limits!

Data from Alti-Force GPS mobile app, as a quick reminder, is the GPX file saved with your video.  It can also be opened in DashWare with the standard GPX data profile, just be sure to select 1.0 Hz when adding the file to your project (one GPS update per second is common for most mobile devices using the Alti-Force GPS app).  DashWare has plenty of gauges to choose from or modify to your liking.  Give it a try, jazz up your videos with more visuals.

Alti-Force Altimeter available for video editing in DashWare, feet or meter versions
Alti-Force Altimeter in DashWare
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