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Accel Calibration – GoPro Camera

Just a tip Tuesday:
The latest software includes a “field calibration” to improve accelerometer G-Force measurements with the Alti-Force Sensor Pack for GoPro cameras.
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To use this feature, you must have an Alti-Force Sensor Pack serial number starting with “20F” or “30F” AND Alti-Force software v2.05 or newer installed on your GoPro camera.

Accelerometer Field Calibration (excerpt from the Operation Manual)

The displayed value of the X-Y-Z axes should be 0-0-1 G, respectively, while the camera is upright and on a level surface. A “field calibration” can be performed, if necessary, to reset the axis zero points (note that this does not change scaling of the sensor). This feature requires software version 2.05+ and Alti-Force Sensor Pack models SP30 (or select SP22 models having a serial number starting with “20F”).

To perform the field calibration, start following the altitude zeroing procedure as follows … Press Mode (front button) until the camera shows the setup screen (wrench or gears), then press and hold Select (top button) until top LED begins to blink red. The altitude is now set to zero. With the camera upright on a level surface, continue to hold Select (top button) beyond altitude zeroing LED blinks until the top LED begins blinking red again, then release the button. The camera must be still so do not touch the camera for a few seconds until the red LED turns off.
A successful field calibration is indicated by the standard Alti-Force 3 red blink “Ready”. An unsuccessful field calibration is indicated by a burst of 10 red blinks, which can occur if: the camera is not still, the camera is not in the proper upright orientation, or if using an incompatible Alti-Force Sensor Pack model.

Accel Offsets settable from camera for better accuracy
Accel Offsets settable from camera for better accuracy
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