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Altitude & G-Force Smoothing

Just a Tip Tuesday:
Use the smoothing setting (new with software v2.00) to steady the displayed altitude or acceleration subtitles when recording video in unsteady conditions.

Data Filtering

Run the settings.jar file on the camera’s memory card (this settings app is copied to the card during installation of Alti-Force software, or can be downloaded from our support page).  Select Low, Medium, or High from the smoothing drop-down box, then click save.  Properly eject the memory card or camera before disconnecting from the computer.

The filter is a moving average calculation of sampled data over a duration of time. The time duration for low, medium, and high is approximately ½ , 1, and 2 seconds, respectively. The smoothing setting is used only for displayed subtitles. It will not change the actual data stored in the CSV (comma-separated values) data file.

Run the settings.jar program to update the Alti-Force subtitle data smoothing and display settings

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