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Alti-Force Subtitle Update Rate

Just a Tip Tuesday:
Adjust the subtitle rate in ‘advanced settings’ to change how often the on-screen display updates with new Alti-Force data.

From a computer, view the files on the camera memory card and open the file named “settings.txt”. Scroll down to view the Advanced Settings description for “min_sub_delay” (software v1.50 or newer required). Continue scrolling to the last line, then type on a new last line ‘min_sub_delay=150’. Change the number ‘150’ to adjust the time in milliseconds between successive on-screen subtitles (smaller number is faster, larger number is slower). Note: not all TVs or players can keep up with subtitles set faster than 150, and the display will not change faster than Alti-Force data was recorded.

Subtitle Update Rate (excerpt from the Operation Guide)

The subtitle delay has a range of 0-10000 milliseconds. The installed default is 150 and will be hidden.
The subtitle delay is used to limit the number of subtitle updates during video playback by setting a minimum time that must elapse before changing the text displayed on-screen. Decreasing the value will increase the update rate; however, some players are unable to keep up with rates faster than the default. Changing the delay between subtitle updates is possible only by manually modifying the settings.txt file as documented within the file.

Example of Advanced Subtitle Settings

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