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Can I use ‘One-Button’ or ‘QuikCapture’ mode?

QuikCapture = Yes!  (Hero4)
Available only on Hero4 running Alti-Force Software v2.11+.
The first few seconds of video will display dashes “–” followed by correctly synced data for the rest of the video.  The CSV data file will omit the missing data points and begin filling in rows of data with the first recorded timestamp.

One-Button = No.  (Hero3 & Hero3+)
The sensor pack needs a few extra seconds to initialize after camera power-up before recording can begin. The subtitles will be out of sync from video time if the video recording is started too soon after the camera is powered on, or after the previous video recording was stopped (the sensor pack data needs a few seconds to be saved before the next video recording starts).
See also “Why did the subtitles end before the video ended?” under FAQ ‘Playback’ section, or the Operation tab of the sensor pack details page.