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The camera’s top LED is flashing, what does the pattern mean?

The top LED (next to the start/stop recording button) will flash red 3 times to indicate the sensor pack is ready.  The “ready flash” is seen after powering on the camera, usually within 10 seconds, and also after a video recording is stopped.  Wait for the 3 red flashes before recording is started.

The top LED will quickly flash red 10-20 times if the sensor pack is NOT detected, usually within 10 seconds after powering on the camera.  If this happens, the Alti-Force software shuts down and does not check for a sensor pack until the next power cycle.  This may also be seen upon turning on Wi-Fi, inserting a memory card, or pushing any of the buttons while the camera is powered off.

If the top LED flashes red with any other pattern, please send us a message through our contact page.

If using the Alti-Force GPS mobile app, the top LED will flash blue each time a new GPS data packet is received over Wi-Fi (during standby only).  Also, all ‘4 LEDs’ must be enabled to see the blue LED flash.