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My camera does not appear to accept an update, what should I do?

Be 100% sure the correct camera model is selected in the installer!
It is highly recommended to use a memory card that was recently used or formatted in the camera to be updated.  Doing so will allow the installer to auto-select the correct camera model.

Next, be sure you have extracted, or un-zipped, the installer file to the memory card’s root directory.  The file name should end with “.jar” not “.zip”.  If you used a sub-folder, the installation will not work.  Move the installer to the main directory of the memory card and run it again.  After running the installer program, you should see a folder named “Update”.
Important: properly eject the memory card from the computer!

If the camera does not begin the update with the standard method above, you may try resetting the camera by following these steps:
1. Remove card and battery, wait 5 seconds
2. Insert battery, wait 5 seconds
3. Push and Hold record button, then Press and Release power (mode) button
4. Wait until camera fully powers on, then release record button
5. Turn camera off

Now re-try the update.  Start by re-running the installer on the memory card.