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Hero5 data overlay also on Hero4

Data overlays for GoPro video

GoPro has finally joined the Alti-Force movement and now offers data overlays on video to include GPS path, speed, altitude, and g-force (see their website for details).  That’s great news for owners of their latest Hero5 Black camera with built-in sensors and GPS receiver, but what can be done for the millions of customers with earlier camera models?!  The answer lies with Alti-Force.

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack and Alti-Force GPS app offers matching data for the Hero4 camera models, as well as action data for Hero3+ models and Hero3 Black.  With Alti-Force onboard, video data is available as subtitles for immediate playback without editing.  If you want to see an actual speedometer or altimeter on your video, Alti-Force data can be imported for editing in GoPro’s DashWare software.  We’ve have a starter package for DashWare available for download, read more about it here.

Get the most out of your current GoPro camera

Unlock the potential of your current camera with our Alti-Force Sensor Pack and record all the action with micro sensor technology.  Alti-Force also offers GPS for Hero4 cameras in two ways … over Wi-Fi with our free mobile app, Alti-Force GPS, or with a wired antenna and EB33 expander board upgrade to our sensor pack, model SP30.  Alti-Force is not only for sports, but also for scientific data gathering … Let us help you with your custom application.  Contact us to get started!

Alti-Force GPS mobile app adds GPS Speed an Distance to Alti-Force Sensor Pack data recorder upgraded GoPro Hero4 cameras

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Hero4 Software v4.00 – Wait?

GoPro has released a software update for the Hero4 camera.  Should you update?  We say, not yet!

If you are a GoPro App user, you may find your cameras being automatically updated, which will disable use of the Alti-Force Sensor Pack.  To revert back to GoPro Hero4 v3.00 with our Alti-Force software, you will need to download and run our AFSPinstaller v2.11b on the memory card.  Go to our Support Page to download the installer.

When will Alti-Force be compatible with v4.00?

We are working on a new installer that is compatible with the latest official software.  We will release it as soon as we can, but be patient, it could take us a few weeks to test it out.  Stay tuned!

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Using Alti-Force with DashWare Gauges on GoPro Videos

The recurring dream we at Alti-Force had years ago was the ability to record video on a GoPro® camera then immediately watch it on a TV with the 3D action shown on screen as video subtitles.  We turned that dream into a reality in 2015 with the release of the Alti-Force GPS mobile app and the Alti-Force Sensor Pack that works with GoPro cameras, and we have since been providing you with instant access to Pressure, Altitude/Elevation, Temperature, X-Y-Z Acceleration G-Force, GPS, Speed, Distance Traveled,  Heading/Bearing, Digital switch inputs, and plenty of custom capability with the Expander circuit board in the newest model SP30!  Thank you for your support as we adapt and carry on.

Speaking of adapting, we want to let you know about DashWare, the editing software for video that accepts data from the Alti-Force Sensor Pack and Alti-Force GPS mobile app to display animated gauges on your video.  Sure, this is not as simple as the Alti-Force way of “Record then Play”, but DashWare can help you take full advantage of all the data files that Alti-Force saves on your GoPro memory card.  To help you get started, we have created an Alti-Force data profile that can be added to your DashWare program to sift through our CSV file.  If you are also using the Alti-Force GPS mobile app, the saved GPX file can also be opened in DashWare with the included GPX data profile, just be sure to select 1 Hz when adding the file to your project (one GPS update per second is common for most mobile devices using the Alti-Force GPS app).  Plenty of gauges are ready for your use through DashWare, or you can even create your own.  Upgrade your GoPro camera into a DashWare data recorder with the Alti-Force Sensor Pack today!


Example: Alti-Force with DashWare on GoPro

Alti-Force Sensor Pack data imported into DashWare altimeter

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Works with GoPro Developer Program

By now you’ve probably heard something about the GoPro developer program unveiled last week in San Francisco. If you haven’t, it can be summed up as GoPro providing a method of interfacing with their cameras to companies that create mobile apps, devices, or mounts. The idea is catchy and more companies are now developing products with Alti-Force features for your GoPro camera. Alti-Force is not required to participate in the program, nor is participation required to deliver a quality product. Alti-Force is still here for you.

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack was born about a year before the program began, which itself has been in place for more than a year (according to GoPro News). Over those 2+ years, Alti-Force has maintained compatibility from the Hero 3 Black through the Hero 3+ models to the upgraded Hero 4 Black and Silver editions. By far, the Hero 4 cameras are the most powerful and capable of the lot, and Alti-Force has put this to your advantage by adding features and faster sampling to capture even more action.

The Alti-Force GPS mobile app was created for those craving speed and distance or GPS tracks with their Hero 4 video. Camera controls to start and stop recording are also included. The latest upgrade is an expansion capability for even more functionality. Whether you are a self-motivated tinkerer or in need of our professional services, Alti-Force has the connections to expand for your project. If it’s data you want, Alti-Force stores data for in-depth analysis or post-processing into on-screen gauges (if preferred over the automatic video subtitles).

We will continue to listen to our customers and improve to meet your needs.  Send us a message, let us know how we’re doing, tell us what we can improve, or just say hello.