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High-Speed GPS Updates for Hero4

Are you fast and need to prove it?!  Capture the speed on video with our GPS Expansion for Hero4.

EB33 GPS Expander Board for GoPro Hero4 cameras equipped with the SP30 Alti-Force Sensor Pack

The EB33 GPS Expander Board enhances the capabilities of our Alti-Force Sensor Pack and gives you high-speed GPS with your GoPro videos recorded on Hero4 cameras.  The GPS data allows you to display Speed and Distance on your videos, much like our Free Alti-Force GPS mobile app, but much faster, with more options, and without the need to use WiFi.  We’ve also added Glide and Vertical Speed for the airborne athletes.

Also included is a vibrator motor for Haptic Feedback mimicking Alti-Force status LED flashes … now know your Alti-Force status with sight AND feeling!

GPS is captured with the SkyTraQ Venus838 chipset and an amplified external antenna.  The external antenna allows you to put the camera anywhere and keep the antenna’s open sky view for reception of quality GPS signal, and Fast!  With position updates coming in every ~0.04 seconds, you are sure to capture even the quickest run in detail.  Use the data to display on-screen subtitles, overlay it as visual gauges with DashWare, or open in Maps to view the path traveled.

We offer the EB33 GPS Expansion Board in two ways:
Current owners of the Alti-Force SP30 can order a retro-fit kit of parts, partially or mostly assembled.
If you are new to Alti-Force and also need the SP30 Sensor Pack, we offer a fully assembled SP30 + EB33  package.

Get in touch with us today and Expand your camera’s capabilities!

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SP22 Trade-in Program

Everyone wants the latest and greatest at a discount, right?! Here’s your chance, SP22 owners …

Trade-in your Alti-Force SP22 for a discount on the expandable SP30 model.  With the new SP30, you can add haptic feedback to your GoPro Hero4 camera with the EB21.  The EB21 fits fully inside the SP30 case and the vibrator motor turns on with every LED status flash for the Alti-Force Sensor Pack.  That’s 3X buzz at the end of every video and one long buzz at the beginning.  

If it’s GPS you want, the EB33 will give you lots and lots of GPS info with your video.  The EB33 has an SMA antenna port sticking through the SP30 case ready to accept a stub or patch style GPS antenna.  The EB33 uses a Venus838 chip capable of up to 50 GPS position updates per second!  Alti-Force keeps you in sync with the other sensors at around 25 Hz, at least for now.

For the tinkerers out there, both the EB21 and the EB33 have a 3.3 volt regulator on-board to power your custom lights or circuits.  If you need some help hooking up, give us a shout and we’ll do our best.

Opportunity is at the door for GPS, Haptics, and more.  Don’t delay, get yours today!


Return your SP22 model for a $20 discount on a new, expandable SP30 model
Return your SP22 model for a $20 discount on a new, expandable SP30 model
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Hero5 data overlay also on Hero4

Data overlays for GoPro video

GoPro has finally joined the Alti-Force movement and now offers data overlays on video to include GPS path, speed, altitude, and g-force (see their website for details).  That’s great news for owners of their latest Hero5 Black camera with built-in sensors and GPS receiver, but what can be done for the millions of customers with earlier camera models?!  The answer lies with Alti-Force.

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack and Alti-Force GPS app offers matching data for the Hero4 camera models, as well as action data for Hero3+ models and Hero3 Black.  With Alti-Force onboard, video data is available as subtitles for immediate playback without editing.  If you want to see an actual speedometer or altimeter on your video, Alti-Force data can be imported for editing in GoPro’s DashWare software.  We’ve have a starter package for DashWare available for download, read more about it here.

Get the most out of your current GoPro camera

Unlock the potential of your current camera with our Alti-Force Sensor Pack and record all the action with micro sensor technology.  Alti-Force also offers GPS for Hero4 cameras in two ways … over Wi-Fi with our free mobile app, Alti-Force GPS, or with a wired antenna and EB33 expander board upgrade to our sensor pack, model SP30.  Alti-Force is not only for sports, but also for scientific data gathering … Let us help you with your custom application.  Contact us to get started!

Alti-Force GPS mobile app adds GPS Speed an Distance to Alti-Force Sensor Pack data recorder upgraded GoPro Hero4 cameras

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Alti-Force Altimeter for DashWare

Do You DashWare?

What is DashWare? It’s the editing software, acquired early this year by GoPro, for video that accepts data from the Alti-Force Sensor Pack and Alti-Force GPS mobile app to display animated gauges on your video.   We’ve made a few updates to the Alti-Force data profile to include smoothing by time-averaging the raw measurements.  The smoothing setting is still there for subtitles, and now you can do the same in DashWare.  Better yet, the latest download includes the Alti-Force altimeter also with a vertical speed indicator.  You can even make your own … no limits!

Data from Alti-Force GPS mobile app, as a quick reminder, is the GPX file saved with your video.  It can also be opened in DashWare with the standard GPX data profile, just be sure to select 1.0 Hz when adding the file to your project (one GPS update per second is common for most mobile devices using the Alti-Force GPS app).  DashWare has plenty of gauges to choose from or modify to your liking.  Give it a try, jazz up your videos with more visuals.

Alti-Force Altimeter available for video editing in DashWare, feet or meter versions
Alti-Force Altimeter in DashWare